How to Embed a PDF Document in a SharePoint Wiki Page with a Page Viewer Webpart

I had a PDF document that I wanted to embed in a SharePoint wiki page such that it was ready to view instead of just being a download link. My document was a single page diagram but you could have multi-page documents that you need to display like this on a wiki.

I’ve used the Page Viewer web part to implement this. The downside to this approach is that every time a Wiki page with an embedded PDF is opened or edited, the standard dialog box with the “Open, Save or Save As” option comes up. This dialog box can be canceled each time but I’m not yet aware of any way to disable it permanently. There is another way to embed a document using a Content Editor web part too (shared here and here) but I’ve not had a chance to try that out.


1. Upload the PDF document to an appropriate SharePoint library and copy the URL in a Notepad. The URL is needed later.

2. Open the Wiki page where the document has to be embedded and click on the Edit icon at the top-left.

3. Click on the location or bring the cursor to the location in the Wiki page where you’d like to embed the PDF.

4. Click on the Editing Tools > Insert tab at the top of the page ().

5. Click on Web Part.

6. Select Media and Content in the Categories list box on the left of the page and select Page Viewer from the Web Parts list. Click on Add. This will insert the Page Viewer web part at the location of the cursor in the page.
Image 1 - Insert Page Viewer web part

7. Hover over the inserted Page Viewer web part. Click on the drop down button and click the Edit Web Part option.
Image 2 - Edit Page Viewer web part

8. Paste the URL, give a title and specify a height for the web part and click OK. You are done! The PDF will now appear as a document in a window and Adobe Reader’s normal features like zoom, pan, print etc. would be available to interact with the document.
Image 3 - Set Page Viewer web part properties

2 thoughts on “How to Embed a PDF Document in a SharePoint Wiki Page with a Page Viewer Webpart

  1. Nathan October 22, 2012 / 10:13 am

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    • decook December 24, 2015 / 3:59 am

      @Nathan please dont add adverts to pay products in a nice free guide.

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