Calculate TSQL Stored Procedure Complexity

I had a recent project where we planned to re-factor an existing application’s .Net and TSQL code. I wanted to find the complexity of the stored procedures and arrive at an estimate of the effort required to review all them. I had in mind that something like number of lines of code, number of dependencies and parameters in the stored procedure would give a good starting  point to create such an estimate.

I patched together a script that produced a report similar to the example below. I used that output and put in some more formulas to assign a complexity level (simple, medium or complex) and the approximate number of minutes required to review that procedure. I have not included those calculations here because they depend entirely on the estimator’s perception of complexity and the developer’s skill level.

The number of lines of code is a subjective metric here because it depends on the developer’s coding style and use of whitespace. Even then, it could be a useful reference point.

Complexity Report Screenshot

In case this seems useful then the script to create that report is available for download at Technet.

Download and rate the script at:

2012/Dec/01 – Version 1
2013/Feb/15 – Version 1.1 Added the CASE statement for complexity.
2014/Apr/29 – Version 1.2 Added Database and Schema name to the report.
Included objects that may not be refering to other objects.
Included views, functions and triggers.

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